Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where is my Nasi Lemak ORI?

Normally my colleagues will have their breakfast at the hawkers stalls downstairs.  But they are all closed due to the fasting month.  I saw some of them brought some nasi lemak yesterday. Hmm....looks delicious.
I still remember when I was staying at Matang Jaya, I used to stop by the bus stop to grab a pack of "Nasi Lemak ORI" (which is very famous that time.) on my way to work. RM 1.50 per pack.  The old couple were really friendly and they never hesitate to give me more 'sambal' when I told them I really like it very much. I have not been eating it since I have moved to my new house 3 years back.
Last sunday, when I went for my marketing, it has changed to a different stall.  Can anyone tells me where is my "Nasi Lemak ORI"?

Nasi Lemak
(Net Weight: 230g/plate)
Calories: 389kcal


This calories content apply to the simplest nasi lemak, not including the one with fried egg, fried chicken or rendang.  One pack is enough for my breakfast. What about you?


becky said...

Hi karene, would you please comment about balancing nutrients for babies in my latest post please? One mother asked about that.. thank u.